Andy Murray reveals independence debate kept him up at night


ANDY Murray has revealed the debate on Scottish independence kept him awake at night.

The British tennis No 1 has spoken about sleepless nights as he kept quiet on his support a ‘Yes’ vote.

The 27-year-old has also fended off suggestions his desire for Scottish independence means he doesn’t like the English describing it as “nonsense”.

Despite being told by advisers not to offer his opinion the tennis star from Dunblane announced he was going to vote yes to independence on Twitter on the day of the vote.

“I was lying awake at night, I wanted to say something,” said Murray.

“My feeling is that Scotland is its own country. Every country would work better if it was in control of its own destiny.

“The thing that irritates me the most is somehow you can’t be pro-independence and [pro-British]. When I compete for Great Britain, I love it. That’s a fact.”

He continued: “The whole notion of me disliking English people is nonsense.

“I work with them on a regular basis, I’m going to marry one, my family-in-law is going to be English. I live here. It’s just nonsense.”

The 2013 Wimbledon champion has also spoken about his on court outbursts.

Speaking about the anger he has directed at his training team during matches he said: “I would never, ever speak to anyone like that, ever, here or in a restaurant or in my day-to-day life. I would never do it.

“But [on court] when the emotional part of your brain takes over what we tend to do is make excuses and blame other people.

“Say that it isn’t your fault but when I get off court and sit down after the match, the first person I blame is myself.”

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