Hilarious moment diner pranked by restaurant with metre-long, 6,000 calorie calzone


RESTAURANT staff pranked a customer by serving up a metre-long, 6,000-calorie calzone at least four times the size of the normal dish.

Jake Orrell was stunned when the calzone – which had the size and proportions of a baby seal – was plonked down in front of him.

A video of the bemused diner wondering how to tackle the monster dish has now gone viral with more than 421,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Jake and his girlfriend Liv Turnbull were having dinner at Pane e Vino in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, on Saturday when he ordered a regular £10.25 calzone.

The 20-year-old expected a standard sized folded pizza, usually around 10 inches – which averages out at around 1,500 calories each.

Liv, 20, videoed the gigantic creation and Jake’s baffled reaction before posting the clip to Twitter.

She wrote “Hahaha funniest thing ever when Jake ordered a calzone from an Italians and a pizza the size of a small child came out.”

The mammoth calzone served up to Jake Orrell

On social media, Kev Toole wrote: “Looks like a f****** Armadillo.”

Leah Salamacha said: “Why did I actually think this was a seal across his lap.”

And Nathan Richardson wrote: “Can’t stop watching this trying to get my head round it hahaha.”

Users on Twitter compared the giant calzone to a seal

Speaking today (wed) Liv said: “It was just a regular calzone so we were amazed and found it hilarious when it arrived!

“It cost about £12 and it looked virtually untouched when he was finished. I think it would’ve taken about four people to finish it all.

“So many people have said they thought it was a seal. I dread to think of the calories.”

Salvatore Cogoni, manager of Pane e Vino, said: “It’s a regular thing that we do for our customers, we like to surprise them. This one was about a metre long and we just fill it with extra meats.

“We actually had one man who ate the whole thing before and then ate dessert. We were so shocked.

“It’s quite popular and we are a local restaurant so like to randomly surprise our customers.

“Last night one of the waiters said how one of our calzones had gone viral so we had a look. It’s nice to see.”

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