Dad wrecks girls’ pre-night out video with mocking commentary


A HILARIOUS video shows a joker dad wrecking his daughter’s pre-night out photo session with her friends.

The glamorously-dressed girls pose for the camera as they make a video to post to pals.

But the dad of one of the girls, Jess Bell, 17, hilariously ruins the clip with his pithy, deadpan commentary on the girls’ antics.

Simon Bell, from York, makes remarks including “God almighty”, “stupidity” and “awful” as the girls pout.

Another of the girls, Emily Wright, 18, posted the ruined footage to Twitter with the caption: “Felt like posting a live video till I heard Jess’s dad in the background.”

The first shot of Jess, Emily and Elisha Marflitt, 17, shows the trio pouting and making peace signs with their fingers as Elisha holds a wine glass and the other two clutch bottles.

Simon can be heard saying: “Oh, god almighty.”

The camera rolls on to another shot in which the girls have changed their pose with Emily facing away from the lens and Jess tilting her head slightly.

Elisha (L) Jess and Emily

The cheeky dad adds bluntly: “Stupidity.”

A love heart then appears over Emily’s face as the other two stick their tongues out.

“That was awful”, says Simon.

Finally Emily reaches up to place a bottle of what appears to be cooking oil on Jess’ head as Elisha leans on her from the other side.

The mocking from Simon continues with a sarcastic: “Oh yeah, oh yeah. And do you know what that is? That’s oil.”

The post has been liked almost 3,000 times and attracted almost 700 retweets.

Jess herself responded by saying: “I do love our Simon”. Emily adds: “The oil one mate I’m in tears.”

After the post went viral, Jess later added: “For f***’s sake my dad’s famous.”

Social media users left comments with crying with laughter emojis, and Liv Wallace added: “Im creased.”

Speaking today (FRI), Jess insisted that she does not find her funny father embarrassing. She said: “I thought it was hilarious.

“He always says funny stuff when we’re getting ready to go out but didn’t think it would go viral.”

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