Moment white American racially taunts Asian-born woman following car parking row


VIDEO of an American racially taunting a Philippines-born woman has gone viral.

Selina Cairel and her friends are described as “illegals crossing the border” and told their parents “probably had to work for f****** dirt just to get here”.

Selina, 22, whose father is English, filmed the incident on Tuesday after a minor parking row in Portland, Oregon, quickly escalated.

The casino worker, who has lived in the US since she was 11 and is now a citizen of the country, calmly states just before the clip ends that “this is the kind of s*** I have to deal with”.

The woman can be heard saying Selina and her family are “illegals crossing the border”

She and pals had driven for about 15 minutes from her home in Vancouver, Washington State, to Portland to play arcades and get doughnuts.

While reversing out of a car park, Selina, whose father is from County Durham and mother from the Philippines, came close to another vehicle.

The clip, which has been almost 400,000 times in 12 hours, shows two women in the front of a white car.

The driver talks across her friend, through the rolled down window and pointedly remarks: “Before you say anything you might want to make sure you’re actual legals.”

The woman said that Selina’s parents “probably had to work for f****** dirt just to get here”

Selina and her friends react shocked and confused, someone heard off camera saying: “What the?”

The female passenger continues: “That you’re illegals crossing the border.”

She leans over the steering wheel, addressing Selina with a disingenuous smile, and says: “And your parents, probably had to work for f****** dirt just to get here.”

The car with the two females then reverses back out.

One of Selina’s friends can be heard saying: “Is this real life, like?

Selina was born in the Philippines and has an English father

Selina can be heard saying: “This is so much fun. So this is the kind of s*** I have to deal with in Portland.”

Speaking Thursday Selina said: “My friends and I were walking to my car after getting some doughnuts.

“I got in my car and was about to back out when my sensors started ringing signaling somebody was behind me.

“They were there suddenly and I rolled my window down and apologised.

“Mind you I didn’t even come close to hitting them.”

Selina posted the video of her racial abuse on Facebook

She added: “Next thing I know I heard her say in the most annoying stereotypical Asian accent, ‘She’s Asian, she can’t see. That’s why she can’t drive.’

“She started laughing. By that time I was fuming, shocked that somebody could say that to me.

“I pulled my window down and asked her what her problem was.

“She rolled her window down and pulled out her phone and started recording me.

Selina could not believe the abuse she was receiving


“She as laughing and just started saying all these nasty things about Asian people.

“Honestly, I started crying the whole way home. I called my parents at two thirty-ish and also called my dad in England the next day.”

The video has garnered a strong reaction on Facebook since Selina posted it on her personal page.

Monica D’los Santos said: “What a dumb c***.”

James Neal wrote: “She looks way too drunk to be driving.”

Selina cried the whole way home and phoned her dad about the abuse


Helen Marmar commented: “Don’t waste your breath sweetie. This ignorant b**** will have her teeth knocked out one of these days when she opens her mouth to the wrong person.”

Heather Richardson Payne wrote: “Ignorance is not pretty for this uneducated woman. Very sad.”

Michael Pigg said: “So sorry you went through this. Not all people are like her.”

Gabriel Rosas commented: “Don’t listen to that racist. She’s a piece of s***.”

Rhianna Goetz wrote: “Ew. What a gross b****. I hate this. I’m sorry that you ever had to encounter such a horrible human.”

Kalisi Sweetie Toki said: “What a disgrace.”

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