Isa posts snap of Still Game’s last ever call sheet


JANE McCarry has shared a photograph of Still Game’s last ever call sheet as the comedy begins its final day of filming.

The 48-year-old, who plays Craiglang gossip Isa, shared a close up of a BBC Studios headed document which reads “The Last Ever Callsheet” and a sad emoji.

McCarry is filming at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay studio in Glasgow as the ninth season comes to a close.

Social media users were quick to bemoan the “end of an era” and praise the cast as “legends”.

A call sheet is a filmmaking term for the schedule of a day’s shoot and is issued to the cast and crew to tell them where they should be for work.

Jane posted the close up snap at around 7am this morning (FRI) with the caption: “Last ever call sheet. Nawwwwwwwwwww.”

Jane McCarry shared a snap of the “last ever” callsheet on the iconic series

The sheet reads “Still Game – Series 9” and further down the page adds “The Last Ever Callsheet”.

The sheet also warns the cast to have their phones on flight mode whilst on set.

Jane’s tweet has already gathered 465 likes in just over two hours, as fans flocked to share their condolences that the comedy is ending.

Callum1247 wrote: “Naw, naw. Stop it.”

Loreto Livingstone added: “Thank you, you guys made an amazing show. Will thoroughly enjoy the last season and no doubt continue watching it over and over again for always. You’ll be like the Scottish geriatric version of Friends.”

Cath Collins commented: “Scotland will suffer from the loss of Still Game. The laughter you all create is a tonic that doesn’t need the gin for the feel good factor. I say save Still Game forever.”

Fans were quick to praise the cast and share their sadness at the series end

Lynn Aoki wrote: “A sad day indeed. Thanks for the breek wetting laughs over the years. You are all legends.”

Kirsty Morris said: “Aw hen. It’s a sad day. A million thanks to you and all the Craiglang gang for the laughs over the years. Aw the best to you all.”

Gillian Sutherland commented: “Thank you all for all the laughs, hope it’s not too emotional a day.”

Charlie McEwan concurred, writing: “We’ll miss ya Isa. You bloody gossip ya. Thanks for all the laughs.”

While Derek Sinclair said: “End of an era.”

Yesterday, fellow Still Game star Sanjeev Kohli shared an emotional goodbye to Still Game by posting a picture of Navid’s wig.

The 46-year-old actor posted the touching tribute to his much-loved character on his last day of filming.

Kholi has played shopkeeper Navid Harrid since the series first aired in 2002.

He shared the photograph of the grey wig on a mannequin head with the caption: “Goodbye Navid. You were mad itchy but it was a pleasure to wear you…”