Instant karma as tumble dryer thief takes a tumble


HILARIOUS video shows a thief suffer instant karma when he tries to steal a tumble dryer – and takes a tumble.

Robert Allen had left the dryer outside his home when the men saw an opportunity to steal it

The crook spots the machine outside the owner’s garden and tries to lift it on to his shoulder.

But he overbalances and falls painfully over the garden fence, ending up with his legs in the air and the tumble dryer crashes to the ground.

The clip, which is approaching one million views, was caught on CCTV by Robert Allen, who left the tumble dryer outside for a scrap dealer to collect.

The 28-year-old from Penywaun, Rhondda Cynon Taf, captioned the video: “So I put a tumble dryer out for the scrap man on Thursday night.

“Then I see this on the CCTV at 0230ish – never a dull moment in Penywaun.”

The short clip starts off with the man trying to lift the tumble dryer over his shoulder.

However, it appears as though he may have been slightly too enthusiastic about it as he seems to be losing grip on it.

Instant Karma took place for one of the would-be robbers

The weight of the machine then seems to drag him back causing him to back track his steps.

He then falls onto the garden wall causing, dropping the machine back into the garden.

Instead of going back and retrieving the “scrap,” the thief and his accomplices speed off as the video comes to an end.

Robert’s post also attracted more than 9,800 shares and over 4,000 comments.

Joan Rush said: “Just deserts then!”

Dale Wardle commented: “Didn’t half tumble over that gate.”

Ruth Cordiner said: “Three wise men not!”

Roxy Radford commented: “What an idiot.”

JJ Mac Amhlaoibh said: “Holy f*** that’s a belter.”

Robert thought the video was hilarious after he checked the CCTV

Robert said: “When I saw it back in the garden, first thing I did was check the cameras.

“Me and my partner found it funny so we both uploaded it and it just went crazy from there.”

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