Vulnerable pair get 2 bananas, 4 potatoes, 2 baguettes, sausage rolls and grapes after benefit stops


SHOCKING pictures show the “disgusting” emergency food supplied to a vulnerable couple to last them at least a week after Universal Credit stopped.

Anne Gates, who has dementia, and her son, Callum, who has dwarfism, were given four potatoes, two bananas, two baguettes, sausage rolls, and a bunch of grapes.

A horrified neighbour, who helps care for Anne and Callum, posted a picture of the food, and two smoothies, with the caption: “No family in 21st century Scotland should have to live on this for a week or more.”

Pauline Mcclymont, 44, added: “A woman and her child received this food parcel to keep them going for a week or more as her benefits were not processed due to Universal Credit.

Vulnerable pair get 2 bananas, 4 potatoes, 2 baguettes, sausage rolls and grapes after benefit stops
Anne was shocked when her parcel arrived

“We have seen this type of food parcel being given out before to last people a week. Ask yourself – could you and a child live on this for a week or more?

“This is a serious problem with emergency food parcels as they are not ‘defined’ or ‘monitored’ and can be hit and miss.”

Anne, 56, has been diagnosed with dementia while her 18-year-old son has achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes disproportionate dwarfism.

Anne’s Universal Credit stopped without explanation in January.

The food was aimed at lasting Anne and her son Callum for at least a week

The Glasgow Housing Association tenant asked her housing officer for emergency help.

The housing association is part of the Wheatly Group, which organised and delivered the emergency food.

While Anne and Pauline believe the Wheatly group could have provided a more generous food parcel, most of their anger is directed at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Pauline said: “Anne’s not getting the support she she needs.

“They can’t keep living like this – people like her need to be given more help.

“Universal Credit is causing suicide, it’s causing people to starve.”

Anne said: “I think it’s a disgrace. I know they are doing their job but this is unfair.”

Vulnerable pair get 2 bananas, 4 potatoes, 2 baguettes, sausage rolls and grapes after benefit stops
Anne’s carer, Pauline (left), said UC is causing “suicide”

Pauline’s pictures were shared on the Facebook page ‘No1seems2care’.

Sarah Jane said: “Myself and kids wouldn’t even manage this in a day never mind a week!

“Shame on anyone that finds this acceptable! Universal Credits needs to be scrapped nobody should be living in poverty!”

Norah Thomson said: “Makes me so angry, the Tories have just wasted millions on ferries that didn’t even exist due to Brexit.

“Can’t understand why there is so much poverty in this day and age, it’s disgusting.”

Lesley-Ann Caldwell commented: “2019 in the UK?

“Beyond disgraceful the benefit system puts a family in the situation in the first place, then to think this is sufficient to feed them until the fiasco that is Universal Credit is up and running for them.”

Wheatley has said they have started a number of services to help those suffering on UC and described the legislation as “henious.”

A spokeswoman said: “We’re on record as Scotland’s largest social landlord in describing Universal Credit as one of the most heinous pieces of legislation ever enacted in the UK.

“It’s cruel and unjust to expect people who are among the most vulnerable people in our communities to wait anything from six to 13 weeks for their first UC payment. It can’t be right to expect people who have nothing to survive on nothing for weeks and months at a time.

“Seven years ago, at a meeting in the House of Commons, we warned the then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – and the architect of UC – Iain Duncan Smith, of the dire consequences UC would cause. Only recently, we wrote to the current Secretary of State Amber Rudd highlighting the hardship now being felt on a very large scale all across Scotland and the UK, and calling for urgent changes in the legislation.”

“We offer a number of wraparound services aimed at helping tenants who are suffering under Universal Credit, ranging from debt advice to food provisions.

“We’re really disappointed our free delivery of free food, on this occasion, didn’t live up to expectations. The food boxes are not meant to be a weekly shop, they’re more of an emergency contribution.

“That said, we will have further talks with the charity that receives the food donations from local supermarkets to find out if we can do even more to improve the service.”u

The DWP said Anne’s full Universal Credit entitlement had been restored, including her rent being paid directly to her landlord, and Carers’ Allowance,

He said the zero payment in January was the result of her receiving “other payments” but did not provide details.

He added: “The vast majority of claimants are happy managing their money, but budgeting support is available to people who need extra help.”

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  1. Funny how no one should live in poverty yet never work or pay into the system but are more than happy to take and complain about whta they get… If you have a job and run out of money you don’t get anything no one would help you.

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