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Best diacetyl-free e-juices


Vaping is best when you don’t have to worry about the safety of what you’re inhaling. After all, that’s why vaping is such a great alternative for long-time smokers, by cutting out many of the dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes.

Diacetyl is one component that tends to show up in e-juices, and provides cause for concern for some health-conscious vapers. That’s why confirmation that a vape juice is diacetyl-free is a big selling point for many.

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl, or DA, is a natural food compound. Synthetic versions of it are commonly used in food flavorings, most commonly giving popcorn its trademark buttery taste and feel.

Ingesting DA is perfectly fine, but it may be harmful when inhaled. It is not a necessary ingredient in vape juices, though due to its use as a flavoring agent, many juices have been found to contain DA in trace amounts.

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While these amounts are unlikely to be harmful (they’re much lower than what is found in tobacco smoke), many just want to stay away from it altogether.

Here is a list of five of the best diacetyl-free vape juices you can get today put together by Go Smoke Free.

  • Black Note

Black Note are renowned for their standards related to manufacturing and ingredient use, so it’s no surprise that they provide vape juices that are verified DA-free. Despite this, they’re still able to provide juices with a strong, authentic tobacco taste. They’re able to recreate the experience of smoking high-quality tobacco without any of the dangerous chemicals that come with tobacco smoke. 

  • Kind Juice

By using only natural, organic ingredients, Kind Juice are able to ensure the healthiest vaping experience possible. That includes providing diacetyl-free juices.

Their all-natural ingredients and manufacturing processes also happens to result in thrillingly unique flavor profiles, from which they’ve created over 30 flavors, spanning floral and fruity nectars to authentic tobacco blends.

  • VaporFi

VaporFi uses only food-grade ingredients, adhering to the highest production standards. Their juices are made in the US in FDA-registered labs that ensure no additives like diacetyl or acetyl-propionyl are present in their blends.

If that’s not enough, they also have a make-your-own blend system that allows for more than 30,000 flavor combinations, as well as the premium Grand Reserve line of chef-inspired flavors.

  • Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog juices offer a super unique range of flavors, backed up with manufacturing processes that keep any extras out. Their laboratory is certified with ISO 8 credentials, which is a federal standard of cleanliness. This ensures no contamination of their products, which is double checked by testing showing no diacetyl present in their liquids.

This lets vapers try Cosmic Fog’s unique blends such as Kryptonite, Chill’D Tobacco, and their classic Platinum Collection, worry-free.

  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s uses only high-quality, food-grade ingredients in their juices. That makes for robust flavors, and zero worry when buying one of their bottles. Consistently satisfying, Charlie’s Chalk Dust liquids range from simple yet effective blends (in their classic white and black label lines), to experimental flavors catered towards experienced vapers.

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