Fleet of model cars take to city 042



By Karrie Gillett

A PARADE of nearly 100 Ford Model T cars graced the streets today as part of the celebrations to mark a century since the famous car was first manufactured.

The rally of 98 impressive vehicles ranged from highly polished and gleaming models to the rustier, relatively untouched alternatives.

And the Edinburgh gathering of the legendary cars – affectionately known as the Tin Lizzie – was the largest ever public display of the vehicles.

The fleet of Model Ts – which are deemed as “putting America on wheels” – began their journey at the city’s Charlotte Square before heading along Princes Street and up The Mound.

But some of the decades-old cars struggled up the capital’s famous road and one needed a tow-truck to make it to a civic ceremony at the nearby City Chambers.

The lunchtime cavalcade through the city was watched by hundreds of workers and tourists.

A particular hit with the crowd was Melvyn Fox’s 1910 car – which he had brought to the city from his home in south London.

The car enthusiast – whose model was one of the oldest at the event – said it was a unique experience to take the car out for a spin in Edinburgh’s glorious sunshine.

He said: “I bought it as a wreck about five years ago and fully took it apart to restore it and this is actually its first rally out.

“Everyone is really drawn towards my car today because it is the earliest one here.

“The last Model T came out in 1927 so there are lots of other great cars here to have a look at because they vary through the years.

“We’ve had a really lovely run out today. We had a little bit of a hiccup with one of the cars blowing it’s cylinder head gasket which took an hour and a half to replace but it hasn’t stopped us too much.”

After yesterday’s gathering on the Royal Mile, the cars made their way down to the Scottish Borders as part of a week-long rally to celebrate 100 years of the car – which was first produced on September 27 1908 in Michigan.

The Model T has secured a strong link with Scotland over the decades with the general manager of Ford coming from Scotland and a number of Scottish companies providing parts.

And Henry Alexander Ford famously drove a Model T to the top pf Ben Nevis in 1911.

The Scottish parade – which culminates in a display of cars in Kelso on Friday – has drawn visitors from nine other countries, including America, France and Holland.