Friday, May 27, 2022
1Edith eager to get 'back on the plate' 044

Edith eager to get 'back on the plate' 044

By Douglas Walker

PREGNANT Edith Bowman is praying she’ll be able to breastfeed her baby – because it will help her get back in shape.

The health-conscious Radio One DJ says she can’t wait to give birth so she can start exercising again.

The Scots presenter has also revealed she hasn’t had any specific cravings but is just constantly hungry.

Bowman, 33, is expecting her first child with rocker boyfriend Tom Smith in one months’ time.

She revealed: “The best thing for getting back into shape is breastfeeding, so I’m hoping I can.  It’s good for the baby too.

“I was using a Power Plate (a vibrating platform, which helps tone the body when you exercise on it) non-stop before I got pregnant, but you’re not allowed to use it when you’re expecting.

“I’m desperate to start doing it again.  It’s good exercise and it releases endorphins.”

 And although admitting she is constantly hungry, Bowman, from Anstruther, Fife, says she has managed to not overindulge while pregnant.

She said: “I haven’t had a lot of cravings – I just want to eat all the time. But I’m not putting on too much weight.”

Bowman and her long-term boyfriend Tom Smith, who is lead singer of rock band Editors, confirmed she was pregnant just before Christmas.

Bowman has hosted a string of radio and TV shows, including Radio One’s Colin and Edith with fellow DJ Colin Murray and won the Comic Relief Does Fame Academy singing contest.

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