Tuesday, May 17, 2022
1The bothy with a luxury loo

The bothy with a luxury loo

By Cara Sulieman

A MOUNTAIN bothy has laid claim to being the poshest in Scotland – after having its very own toilet fitted.

The shelters don’t usually have the luxury of a toilet.

But the Corrour shelter in the Cairgorms was made an exception because the ground there is so hard needy walkers struggle to dig a hole to ‘go’.

Neil Stewart, from the Mountain Bothy Association who were behind the installation, said: “Corrour was an exception.

“Health hazard”

“The ground at the bottom of the bothy is very hard and not suitable for digging a hole for waste, which is what happens at most bothies.

“That combined with the high numbers of visitors to the area and it was a health hazard, quite frankly.

“The only other time we take toilets up is when we are carrying out work on a structure and there are going to be lots of people there – but we take it away again once the work is finished.”

The chemical toilet is proving such a success its revolutionary design is said to be attracting attention from groups who also have to consider such environmental sensitivities.

Mini septic tank

The unique system – in place for several months now – combines a traditional long-drop toilet with a geotextile bag that catches the waste and acts as a mini septic tank.

When full, the bags are then collected and dried before being stored out of the way.

This system provides a simple toilet without having to re-dig another hole once the first one is full.

But despite the success of the pioneering design, the Mountain Bothy Association insist they won’t be installing bathrooms across the highlands.

Mr Stewart added: “Bothies are shelter and not meant to be luxury. They need to blend in to the countryside.”

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