Sunday, July 3, 2022
1Website helps rich love cheats cover up affair

Website helps rich love cheats cover up affair

By Cara Sulieman

FAT CAT love cheats can get a helping hand to keep their illicit affair a secret by a Scottish security team. provides services like faking hotel receipts and travelling tickets to provide cover stories to people leading a double life.

It is all designed to make a passionate weekend away seem like a mundane conference or fishing trip.

A spokeswoman for the secretive Glasgow-based firm said they were constantly updating their techniques to stay ahead of the game.

Ride and Seek

She said: “Sometimes it can be just like a game of Hide and Seek – except that this is more like Ride and Seek, I suppose.

“Our services don’t come cheap. But a marriage bust-up can cost an executive millions. Then there’s family heartache and damage to their reputation.

“Our customers usually can’t afford to get caught.”

And she said that some of their clients have included “captains of industry” as well as several female executives.

Fresh trout

She said: “If the cover story is a fishing trip, we’ll make sure there are photos of our client on a boat with their ‘pals’, who may be out operatives.

“We’ll supply freshly caught trout plus all the hotel and bar receipts.

“For a conference, we’d get all the brochures and get the client to scribble notes in the margins.”

And as well as being pricey, the company is careful of the type of client they take on – accepting only one in 20 cases.

Sleazy footballers

The spokeswoman said: “This is not for just a sleazy night – and it’s not to cover for drunken footballers who pick up a floozy in a club.

“Our clients have to be very disciplined. They also have to be committed to saving their marriages.

“We have a 100 per cent track record so far – and aim to keep it that way.”

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