Homeboy Nutini’s new Paisley pad


By Michael MacLeod

POPSTAR Paolo Nutini has splashed out £285,000 on a new home – just minutes away from his parents’ chip shop.

The 22 year-old “New Shoes” singer is reported to have paid for the swanky pad in cash.

He has moved in with long-term girlfriend Teri Brogan, also 22, who he has dated since his teenage school days.

Nutini says their brief break-up inspired his 2.3million selling debut album “These Streets.”

Even after becoming a celebrity, the self-confessed homeboy continued to hail his bedroom at his mum and dad’s Paisley home as the best place to pen his hits.

And despite finally fleeing the nest, he’s only branched out a few miles away in a swanky home in the town’s most upper-class corner.

Professing his love for his hometown, Nutini told a previous interview: “When you set foot in it, the best thing is everyone is there.

“Home is the essence of the whole record and if I want to go there then I don’t see why anyone can stop me.

“I’ll go home and I’ll go up to my room and write a song without anything really happening.

“But if I try to do the same in a hotel in Nottingham, it just doesn’t come.”