Wednesday, August 10, 2022
1Niche single malt could smash records

Niche single malt could smash records

Whisky AuctionBy Rory Reynolds

A RARE single malt whisky from a little known distillery could fetch over £10,000 at auction next week.

The Mortlach 60-year-old edition could be one of the most expensive whiskies ever sold in the UK when it goes under the hammer at Bonham’s in Edinburgh on Tuesday.

And the huge cost is partly due to the tiny number of Mortlach casks that are bottled – and the rare 60-year label.

Martin Green – whisky specialist at Bonham’s auction house – reckons there will be a lot of interest for the luxury tipple.He said: “The elegant bottle and unusual whisky are definitely part of the appeal.

“There are aren’t many 60-year of any brand on the market at all.

“And on top of that you don’t get a lot of Mortlach distilled into bottles.

“You sometimes see 60-year whiskies, but there’s only really Macallan or Dalmore – and they’re very rare.

“It’s tricky to maintain the strength and spirit level at that kind of age.

He added: “There’s every chance that it will fetch well over the estimate – I certainly hope people go for it.”

This comes after The Macallan Anniversary 50-year-old edition sold for £11,750 last week – the most expensive whisky sold at auction in the UK.

The most expensive whisky ever sold is The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection 1926 60-year edition – which fetches an eye-watering £22,600.

The oldest and most sought-after of the Fine and Rare Collection is now sold out, but the Old Homestead Steakhouse in Atlantic City will serve a dram for £1960.

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