Narrow escape for wheelie bin attack taxi


By Rory Reynolds

A TAXI driver and his three passengers had narrow escapes after yobs hurled a wheelie bin from a bridge onto the roof of his cab.

The driver and his terrified passengers looked on in horror as the bin hurtled towards them in Glenrothes, Fife.

After bouncing on the road in front of the vehicle the bin careered into the mini-bus, cracking and denting the bodywork before landing on the road behind it.

The driver was travelling in the town’s Western Avenue at around 1am on Saturday morning when the bin was thrown from the Collydean pedestrian bridge above the 50moph road.One passenger was left in shock but nobody required medical attention.

Police raced to the incident and are now hunting the culprits – they say the incident could have been “disastrous” and are appealing for witnesses.

A spokeswoman said they were treating the incident as culpable and reckless conduct.

She said: “One of the passengers – who was sitting in the front seat next to the driver – said he got a ‘definite shock’ and was sure that the wheelie bin came from the bridge above.

“The bin bounced on the road, hit the bumper and cracked the grill. It then went over the bonnet, left a dent on the roof and landed on the road behind the taxi.

“This could easily have had disastrous consequences had the driver not been able to take avoiding action.

“Any person who witnessed the incident or can identify any individual or individuals involved is asked to contact Fife Police.”