Son knifed dad after council tax bill row


By Andrea McCallum

A SON slashed his frail dad on the neck with a knife after an argument over a council tax bill.

Charles Drummond, 50, was eating dinner with his father James at the Edinburgh home they shared when he launched into a stinging verbal attack.

He grabbed the knife he had been eating his dinner with and thumped his pensioner dad in the neck.

The 78 year-old father was left with a ‘V’ shaped scar and required eight stitches.

Under interview, street sweeper Charles said to police that he had “lost the plot” with his dad while they were eating.

Yesterday (Tues) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, he admitted assaulting and injuring his father.

Speaking on his behalf, solicitor Robert Fraser, said his client had lived with his dad – who is now 80-years-old – for 20 years and they had always got on well, but the fight just got out of control.

Drummond was fined £800 by Sheriff Roderick MacLeod.

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