Sunday, August 14, 2022
182-year-old woman conned by telephone fraudster

82-year-old woman conned by telephone fraudster

By Rory Reynolds

POLICE are hunting for a callous con man after he stole £400 from the bank account of an elderly woman.

The fraudster – described as “well spoken” by police – assured the 82-year-old woman that he was from her bank and convinced her to give out personal details.

He then removed the cash from her account before she became aware of the elaborate telephone scam, which occurred on 2 November.

The elderly woman from Dunfermline, Fife, mentioned the call to her daughter, who became suspicious and phoned the bank.

However, she was unable to freeze the account before the transactions were made.Inspector Neil Henderson at Fife Police urged the public to be wary of unknown callers.

He said: “The caller has known a number of facts about the victim and has used them to gain her confidence and compromise her account.

“I would remind the public that banks will not ask for sensitive information over the phone and that if in any doubt about the genuine nature of a call, they should ask to call them back to confirm the integrity of the call.”

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