Biffy Clyro hope to play T in the Park



By Cara Sulieman

SCOTTISH band Biffy Clyro told excited fans they hoped to play T in the Park as they signed copies of their new single at HMV in Edinburgh yesterday (Tues).

Cameron Grady, 18, from Penicuik asked guitarist Simon Neil if they were planning on playing any festivals, and was told that the trio hoped to perform on stage at Balado.


The excited student said: “I asked them if they were playing any festivals this year and they said if all goes well they will play T in the Park which will be amazing.

“They are awesome – they’re Scottish and make very good music.

“We’ve been here since nine this morning to make sure we saw them. I love them and meeting them today was absolutely brilliant.”

Other fans outside the music store included Darren Robertson, 21, from Edinburgh.

He had finally met his idols after going to every gig he could.


The retail assistant said: “Biffy are my favourite band and I’ve seen them 18 times.

“It was pretty exciting to get to meet them after seeing them play so many times.

“I love their new stuff, I think it’s great. I prefer their first two albums but their new stuff is very good.”

Simon Neil was joined by his bandmates – Ben and James Johnston – as they signed singles, albums, birthday cards and even guitars at the packed store.

Many female fans took the opportunity to get their picture taken with Simon Neil, giggling as he draped his arm around them.

The band, from Kilmarnock, were celebrating the release of their new single ‘Many of Horror’ on Monday.

It’s the fourth single from the band’s fifth album Only Revolutions.

T in the Park were unable to comment last night.