Scots property with 60ft ex-NATO golf-ball back on sale at reduced price of £650k


A UNIQUE Scots property that comes with a 60ft ex-NATO “golf ball” included has gone back on the market at a cut price of £650,000.

The 6.12 acre site includes the iconic Perth and Kinross-shire landmark and had been on sale last year for £750,000 – giving future buyers a £100,000 saving.

The golf-ball shaped Balado Satellite Ground Station houses a now inactive NATO Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) early warning radar.

New buyers would be able to benefit from the property’s high level of security as the entire compound is surrounded by burglar-proof double layered security fencing.

Scots property that comes 60ft golf ball goes back on the market - Scottish News
The property is currently back on the market for £650,000.

The main building boasts ten bedrooms, stunning panoramic views and holds a unique opportunity to be developed into a one-off complex.

A guardhouse, office building, ground station and other outbuildings are all included in the £650,000 Along with about six acres of land which was used as an airfield during the Second World War.

The Radome (Golf Ball) is linked by corridor to the equipment building and recreation accommodation and office building.

Built on what was RAF Balado Bridge, a World War Two airfield where Polish pilots trained on Hurricanes and Spitfires, the ‘Golf Ball’ dominates the landscape.

Scots property that comes 60ft golf ball goes back on the market - Scottish News
The large 60ft “golf ball” can be seen here.

Bordered by Perthshire, Fife and Clackmannanshire and just 20 miles away from Edinburgh the location is great for transport links.

Set amidst gently rolling hills this and known as the gateway to the Highlands this is the perfect location for a residential, commercial or leisure development.

The land is described as “Prime development land suitable for a variety of uses as a gated complex, retirement village, data centre, secure storage, leisure, high-end residential log cabins.

Also: “Not your average development opportunity. Expect to be impressed!”

The site was opened by Princess Anne in 1985.

Scots property that comes 60ft golf ball goes back on the market - Scottish News
Pictured: The interior of the former NATO base.

The white fibreglass protective radome known as the ‘golf ball’ contains a large dish antenna which is still intact and could be rotated and elevated to point in any direction.

Amazing Results Estate Agents, who are marketing the property, say a neighbouring plot of around 2.86 acres can also be purchased.

The entire nine acre plot combined is on sale for offers over £950,000 and were listed with the price drop last week.

The property agents said: “It’s been so popular we have split the property up.

“We have had all types of businesses interested in the property. It’s a great commercial opportunity and we’ve had lots of viewings.”