Fifers “embarrassed” by Kingdom’s advert



By Cara Sulieman

AN ADVERT designed to create pride in Fifers has come under fire from residents of the Kingdom for being embarrassing.

Kingdom FM teamed up with Fife Council to produce the ad – which is broadcast on STV and shows traditional dancers, the Red Arrows, and Deep Sea World set to an upbeat tune.

But rather raising civic pride, the campaign has caused so much embarrassment for residents that they have set up a Facebook group mocking it.

With over 2,000 members, the group has attracted posts from residents and visitors alike – all criticising the video.


‘We’re for Fife video is an Embarrassment to Fifers’ was set up by James Donlan.

He said: “The ‘We’re for Fife’ video is an embarrassment.

“It is basically saying that all Fife has to offer is Deep Sea World, the Red Arrows and some amateur dancers.”

Another member, Lucy Dalgleish, posted on the wall: “Whenever I see it I die a little inside. Get it banned.”

And one member suggests that the money spent on the advert would have been better spent on grit for the roads during the recent cold snap.

But it has been staunchly defended by both Kingdom FM and Fife Council.


Kevin Brady, managing director of Kingdom FM, said: “We’ve had overwhelmingly good feedback, except from a small and vocal minority.

“We didn’t create the campaign to target teenagers, it’s aimed at the 25 to 54 age bracket.

“I think it’s disappointing that a small minority have attempted to derail what has been overall a successful campaign.

“It’s just the power of Facebook among young people, and we accept that, but the overriding fact is the campaign wasn’t created for them.”

Mr Brady wrote the lyrics to the cheery song that is played during the video, but has come under fire because it was recorded in America.

He said: “The song was recorded in Texas. We made the decision because we were trying to make a song with a certain American style.

“We couldn’t get the quality of singers and recording in Fife. We did have some local singers identified, but we thought it would be more hassle.

“It was a case of coordinating the thing. There was just short of a full orchestra in the song.”

“Very keen”

And Fife Council have also defended their participation in the project, and the £5,000 they gave Kingdom FM to make the video.

Peter Grant, leader of Fife council, said: “When Kingdom FM approached us and asked us to become one of the partners in the campaign we were very keen to get involved.

“It is unusual, possibly even unique, for a promotional campaign like this to be initiated and led by the private sector and I commend Kingdom FM and their partners for taking the initiative and seeing it through to the end product.

“I have no doubt that Kingdom FM will have their own targets by which they will judge the success of the campaign but my understanding is that they have already had a large number of message from Fife businesses who are pleased to see Fife being promoted in such a positive way.”