Businesswoman set up dog creche for 40 – in their homes


By Rory Reynolds

TWO budding businesswoman are launching a canine care home to pamper pooches while their owners are at work.

Sally Maxwell-Forbes, 46 and Sarah McLean, 35, have decided to open Edinburgh’s first daily dog-sitting service to look after pets during the working hours.

And the pair have even promised a Bark and Ride service, where dogs can be picked up and dropped off from their homes.

Sally and Sarah are setting up Citidogs Creche in the Colinton area of the city – and they charge half the cost of minding a child for the day.

They also promise to walk some 40 dogs in the Pentland hills every day.

Sally, who has a golden retriever called Molly, said: “When I was working I always worried about leaving my dog at home.

“There no was such thing as drinks after work or weekends away, because the personal angst and guilt I felt after leaving Molly was huge.

“So myself and fellow animal lover Sarah decided to make a career out of caring for dogs in a creche set-up with a family feel.

“It is not just about fun and games. We are committed to giving dogs a lot of exercise and we will take them to the vets for all their boosters or any treatments they need.

“We also pick them up and take them home.”

Sally and Sarah – who currently use their own homes for the crèche – have signed up 26 pooches already and admit they are going to be in the dog house in they don’t find a proper site soon.

Sally added: “We think people are getting excited about the business.

“Although we want the crèche to be our livelihood, as dog lovers we’re more concerned with making sure dogs are happy and banishing doggy depression, which often seems to develop when people leave them at home.

“We’re already talking to a landowner about building a second dog house soon.”