Bullseye’s Bowen tells Edinburgh, “Let’s play darts”


By Michael MacLeod

LEGENDARY darts gameshow Bullseye is set for a comeback this summer – complete with original presenter Jim Bowen.

The 72 year-old presenter is in talks to resurrect the cult show for two weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He wants to get stars from the comedy festival to join in on stage and promises the star prizes will be as bizarre as ever.

His 15 years on the show were shunned by Sky bosses when they recently brought back the darts contest without him.

But Bowen told weekend reports: “We’re in negotiations with the man who owns the rights to the show and we plan to do it as close to the real thing as possible.”

The return of Bullseye will mark the veteran presenter’s fourth run at the Fringe, where he has presented a stand-up show called “You Can’t Beat a Bit of Bully.”

Each night of the show ends with an always-entertaining question and answer session.

Sold out

Bowen said Scottish audiences were “phenomenal” in embracing his love of Bullseye and darts in general.

He said: “It will hopefully happen in the last two weeks of August, although the contracts have still to be signed.

“We’ll pick contestants from the audience, have star prizes, and even have the charity throw where each night we’ll invite one of the names appearing at the Fringe to come in and take part.

“I love it in Scotland and always seem to get a good reception.

“When I did Edinburgh for the first time I was 68 and didn’t know what to expect.

“But it was phenomenal – the show was sold out nearly every night and 18 year-old students were sat next to pensioners.”

Television comeback

Now a pensioner himself, the Lancashire comic had a dig at modern television bosses for the state of entertainment on the box.

Bullseye lured up to 15million viewers each weekend until a contract disagreement saw it disappear from the air in 1995, and Bowen wants to get another chance at prime-time telly.

He said: “When I see some of the shows that are on just now, I think we could keep up with them.

“I think it would survive.

“And if I was asked to come back, I would certainly consider it.”