Wednesday, June 29, 2022
1Amy Macdonald blasts music bosses for exploiting starlets

Amy Macdonald blasts music bosses for exploiting starlets

By Rory Reynolds

SCOTS pop star Amy Macdonald has slated music bosses for being “obsessed” with looks.

The Bishopbriggs-born singer songwriter has said that the industry is more interested in drawing in male audiences than promoting female musicians.

The 22-year-old also said that she achieved success despite attempts by the industry to get her to look like a pop starlet, but added that she is sad to see other hopeful succumb to pressure to look a certain way.

In an interview Macdonald was asked what annoyed her most about the industry.

She said: “That looks are that important, the industry is obsessed with that.

“There are young girls singing just any rubbish and people only buy it because they wiggle their bottoms nicely.

Straddle naked

“It is sad. I would rather be recognised for my music.

“To begin with they wanted to force me into an image, a certain look, some nice story – it was a total cheek.

“But these marketing strategies failed with me because my music was being listened to without all that.”

Macdonald is the latest in a string of female stars to criticise the music industry for over-sexualising young performers.

Last year fellow Scots pop star Lulu accused music bosses of exploiting young hopefuls by insisting they sexualise their performances.

She said: “Young girls today have to straddle naked before they can get noticed.

“It’s cheapened the music and I think it is exploitative.


“I would never have stripped off like that and gyrated up and down a pole.

“There are talented kids who don’t need to do that, but it is just expected of them.

“It is so regressive and I feel bad for them.

The accusations of exploitation are not restricted to pop music. Scots violinist Nicola Benedetti has resisted attempts to market her like fellow classical star Vanessa-Mae was – posed dripping wet holding her violin.

While Russian singer Marine Laslo revealed that music bosses had told “sex-up” her image, and criticised them for marketing “blonde classical artists with their cleavages on show”.


Macdonald, who has sold 3million albums to date and has topped the charts across Europe, also revealed that she has no intention of leaving Glasgow.

She said: “I can walk through Glasgow without being disturbed because there are no paparazzi there.

“The balance is perfect: I can play big concerts but can also go somewhere and eat in peace.”

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