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Is this Amy Macdonald’s youngest fan? Adorable video shows Scots tot’s excitable reaction to singer

AN ADORABLE video shows a Scots tot’s excitable reaction to one of singer Amy Macdonald’s hit singles.

Mum-of-one Erin Archibald noticed her daughter Hallie Archibald had taken a liking to the 2007 hit This is The Life.

The 30-year-old, from Erskine, Renfrewshire, captured cute videos showing eleven-month-old Hallie’s face completely light up every time she heard the song.


Hallie, who has only recently begun walking, can be seen bouncing to the beat of the song in excitement with a huge grin across her face.

Erin also revealed that her daughter becomes glued to the television screen whenever the 34-year-old Glasgow singer’s music videos are played.

Pharmacist Erin shared one of the adorable videos on TikTok on Tuesday, writing: “ Wait to see her cute reaction to a bit of music from a fellow Scot @amymacdonaldofficial.”

The video has already attracted over 80,000 views and hundreds of comments from fans who loved Hallie’s reaction.

One viewer said: “Great choice in tunes young lass, the recognition smile is everything.” 

Another wrote: “Aww too cute.”

One impressed social media user said: “Yes, teach her young. Clever, beautiful girl.”

Scots tot loves Amy Macdonald
Hallie’s face lights up every time she hears the hit single. (C) Erin Archibald

While another added “She knows a good Scotty singer when she hears one, beautiful wee girl.”

And another viewer commented: “Aw my heart.” 

Speaking today, Erin said: “My husband and I love some Scottish music artists so Amy Macdonald is often played. 

“Now every time she hears this one song (This is the Life) this is her exact reaction.

“At the moment this song gets the biggest response.

“She used to listen to Julie Fowlis on repeat to settle her when she was a baby.” 

Amy Macdonald released her debut studio album, This Is The Life, in 2007.

It was renowned for its hit singles This Is the Life and Mr. Rock & Roll.

This Is The Life went on to chart at number one in six countries whilst also reaching top 10 in 11 countries.

The beloved song has now collected an incredible 203 million streams on Spotify.

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