Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Amazon driver leaves 40kgs of books directly outside homeowner’s door

AN AMAZON customer was left baffled when a delivery driver blocked him in by placing a 40kg bag of books right outside his door.

Glen Ocsko was shocked when he spotted the huge container of books that were sent from his work delivered just inches from the exit two weeks ago.

A video shows Glen, who is Head of Local Government for a tech company, completely unable to open the door at his home in Kent.


The door is shown only moving a matter of centimetres while being blocked by the gigantic bag of books. 

The 41-year-old tries to push the door with force multiple times but has no luck in shifting the hefty package.

Thankfully he was able to get out of his house through another door before having to make multiple trips to bring the books inside.

Glen shared the video of the unfortunate placement on Twitter earlier this month, writing: “Well done, @AmazonUK, on perfect positioning of 40kg of books.” 

The post has now collected dozens of likes and comments from users who were equally as baffled.

@philipreeves said: “Isn’t that what they call a bookmark?”

40kg of books blocking door
The customer could only open the door a few inches before the package blocked it. (C)Glen Ocsko

@mizzmoeller said: “Ooh no.”

@HoldenViv said: “D’oh! Guessing they didn’t ring the doorbell since you were obviously out…”

@Kezzacalling said: “I once came home to a wine fridge delivery and had to push it through the door to get into my flat.” 

Speaking today, Glen said: “My company sent a shipment of books to me so I could get them distributed – lots and lots of books.

“For some reason the boxes of books were put in a giant bag, and for some reason the delivery driver decided not to think about how doors work and instead left it immediately outside my back door. 

“Thankfully I was able to go out my front door and walk around to unpack them all, but it was a total lack of common sense.”

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