Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Harrowing lockdown stories broadcasted outside Tory HQ while pressure mounts on PM to resign

A POLITICAL campaign group broadcasted harrowing lockdown stories outside the Tory Party’s HQ.

Led By Donkeys placed a large screen outside the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) in London yesterday, calling for Boris Johnson to be ousted.

Twelve members of the public were filmed sharing harrowing stories of how they were affected during Covid restrictions – while parties were allegedly held by the Tories.

Hannah Brady, who lost her father in May 2020, spoke candidly about what she and her family sacrificed and lost following the Government’s lockdown rules.

Susie Crozier-Flintham called for the Prime Minister to resign after being only one of two people at her father’s funeral, calling it “the bleakest funeral you can imagine”.

Dr Saleyha Ahsan, an A&E doctor, who’s father died at the time of the alleged Christmas parties in Downing Street asked Tory MP’s to consider where their allegiances truly lie. 

A report compiled by Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is to be published imminently which will establish whether parties were held and if rules were broken.

Hannah Brady
Hannah Brady tells her story.  C. Led By Donkeys

The Metropolitan Police are now investigating allegations that members of Government flaunted the rules they set by partying. 

In Hannah Brady’s video message she said: “Dad sacrificed his life to follow the rules. 

“A 55-year-old fit and health key worker, who cut off physical contact with his family when the pandemic hit to protect us.

“A man who entered hospital on 2 April in the back of an ambulance and left on 9 May dead in a hazardous waste bag.

“My family sacrificed normal funerals to follow the rules. 

“There were only nine of us standing around a hole in the ground in the rain.

Susie Crozier-Flintham
Susie Crozier-Flintham spoke about the sacrifices she made during the Covid restrictions.  C. Led By Donkeys

“Unable to touch dad’s coffin, unable to hold each other, unable to see him in the chapel of rest.

“I sacrificed who I was because of this government’s failings.

“I sacrificed who I was as a daughter.

“All I am left with is to hold this Government to account over their failings and that starts with the current Prime Minister.”

Susie Crozier-Flintham, who lost her father to Covid in March 2020, said: “On 15 April 2020, we had his funeral.

“And when I say we, I mean me and my husband, and that was all.

“We could have five, and no more.

“It was the bleakest funeral you can imagine. 

“There was celebration of who he was.

“No hugs.

“No parties.

“And certainly no cake.

“The Prime Minister needs to resign.”

Dr Saleyha Ahsan left a message to Tory MP’s asking what side they stand on after her father died of Covid.

She said: “All that stuff behind me is his precious documents that I still have to sift through, but I can’t make myself do it yet. 

“So there it sits.

“He died at the time when the Christmas parties were taking place in Downing Street.

Dr Saleyha Ahsan
Dr Saleyha Ahsan questioned where MP’s allegiances lie. C. Led By Donkeys

“I ask you, in your position as a Conservative MP, to really reflect and think about where you place your support and allegiances. 

“Because right now the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has not led the county appropriately, has provided the correct leadership that we have needed to help steer us as a nation through the pandemic.”

In the last few months, more and more claims of Conservative parties have been made public.

Leaked emails from an employee of Boris Johnson show invites to the alleged party in Downing Street informing them to bring their own booze. 

More recently, allegations emerged that Boris Johnson attended his own birthday party during, breaking Covid restrictions. 

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