Mitchell's mum points finger at another man for Jodi killing


Corrine Mitchell has always protested her son, Luke, is innocent

By Cara Sulieman

THE MOTHER of Luke Mitchell is involved in an internet campaign blaming another man for Jodi Jones’ murder.

Corrine Mitchell has always protested her son’s innocence, and has now joined forces with investigative campaigner Sandra Lean to point the finger at another man.

They claim on an internet forum that DNA evidence links the man with the brutal 2003 stabbing.

And the man in question said he was aware of the claims against him.

He said: “I know what these people are saying about me.

“I will deal with this in my own time.”

Luke Mitchell, 22, was convicted of the murder of his 14-year-old girlfriend in 2005.

But his mum recently posted on an internet forum that evidence points to someone else.

She wrote: “X’s semen and blood were on Jodi’s T-shirt…his description and clothing matched a witness statement of a male ‘following Jodi’…he was known to the police.

“Is it me or is anyone else adding things up here?

“Description of man seen behind Jodi – grey hooded top.

“Several days after the murder X hands his grey hooded top to the police saying it has been washed.

“At 5pm X’s alibi is Janine (Jodi’s sister).

“The police accepted that Janine said, ‘he was with me’ and from him ‘ I was with her’.”

And Sandra Lean, author and researcher on miscarriages of justice, added: “Our Mr X is emerging as more and more suspicious.

“The info that’s coming our way is shocking, especially as the police should have been onto this stuff right from the beginning.”

Another poster said: “Jodi wore a T-shirt which had DNA on it from X yet no other was found.

You can really only take one conclusion from that.”

Sandra Lean – who publically supports Mrs Mitchell is her quest to clear her son’s name – denied she was accusing the man of murder.

She said: “No-one is accusing anyone.

“There’s a danger in pointing the finger but in many ways he’s pointing the finger at himself

“Any line of enquiry that might establish who killed Jodi is worth pursuing.”

Jodi Jones was found murdered on a footpath near her home in Dalkeith in June 2003.

Her boyfriend Luke Mitchell was charged with her murder ten months later and found guilty and sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Mitchell is currently appealing against the length of his sentence.