Wednesday, May 25, 2022
1Advocates for Animals Step Up Calls For Ban On Snares

Advocates for Animals Step Up Calls For Ban On Snares

By Shaun Milne

ANIMAL welfare supporters are stepping up their call for a ban on snares by launching a new campaign at the Scottish Parliament later this week.

Edinburgh based Advocates for Animals will unveil an 8ft sign reading ‘Welcome To Scotland, A Snare Free Country’ outside Holyrood at 10am on Thursday.

The snares being targeted include wire nooses used by some estates and farmers to catch what they commonly regard as pests such as rabbits and foxes.

But Advocates for Animals warn they are indiscriminate and often snare badgers, otters, wildcats and even family pets.

To highlight that, they will be taking along a dog from West Lothian called Monty who was among those to be caught – only lucky enough to survive.

Monty’s owner Jill Flye said: “Had I not been there to release Monty, I dread to think what would have happened to him. Our politicians really must ban snares.”

Advocates for Animals will on members of the Scottish Parliament to use the new environment bill to ban snares and claim 77 per cent of Scots back the call.

Policy director Libby Anderson said: “The vast majority of people would welcome our country becoming free of snares which are outdated, inhumane and indiscriminate traps.

“Our politicians must listen to public opinion and seize this opportunity to bring our laws up to date by ending the use of snares and leading the way for the rest of the UK.”

The launch will be backed by a push on social media and email campaign where supporters will be urged to send ‘Animails’ to help the campaign.

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