Parents’ fury after porn DVD is shown on school bus


PRIMARY pupils had an eye-full on their way from school after a bungling bus driver left a porn film in the DVD player.

Parents were furious to find out children as young as five had been subjected to the film, which featured topless women, and had not been removed after the coach was used for a lads’ weekend in Newcastle.

Bus firm Ayrways, which makes thousands from school contracts, is used to ferry kids from Troon Primary and neighbouring St Patrick’s in Ayrshire.

The father of one of the children aboard the bus, said: “Everyone is appalled.

“Heads must roll for this.

“It is disgusting.

“My son didn’t know where to look and tried to hide.

“He was utterly embarrassed.

“Who would have thought it, a porno flick on a school bus?

“My son saw enough that he could tell me the naked woman had brown hair and big boobs.”

He and other parents called on Strathclyde Partnership for Transport – which hands out school contracts in 11 council areas – to investigate the incident last Wednesday.

The parents were driven to boiling point when it was revealed that the driver was allowed to stay in the job for the next two days, and broke more rules by driving around with music blaring out.

He has since been suspended while SPT investigates the bus firm.

Moyra Morrison, head teacher of Troon Primary, issued a letter to parents and said the firm’s manager – Jim Wilson – had told her a relief driver was on the route at the time of the incident.

Mrs Morrison said: “Apparently the DVD had been left in the bus following an all-male weekend in Newcastle.

“As I am sure you will agree this whole episode is completely inappropriate.”

Michelle Watt, a spokeswoman for SPT, said: “The operator in question is currently being investigated by SPT in response to this complaint.

“This is a very serious allegation particularly when it concerns school transport.”

Bus firm Ayrways refused to comment on the incident.