Susan Boyle says giving up sweets for Lent is ‘killer’


SUSAN Boyle has revealed the hardest part of quitting her beloved sweets for Lent has been giving up mints.

The singer admitted that she carries a constant supply around with her in her handbag and says it is “like an addiction”.

When asked if she visits the sweet shop everyday, Susan replied: “Well, they’re in the message bag!

“You’re not going to get me to reveal too much – this is a wee bit embarrassing.

“Most give up sweets and chocolate and that’s the killer for me because I like the sweeties.

“I like soft mints.

“I have to declare that.

“It’s a bit like an addiction.”

The 49-year old helped launch aid agency SCIAF’s Wee box, Big Change Lent campaign last week and said she has been a long-standing supporter of the charity.

She said: “We’ve had a Wee Box in the house for a number of years because my mother was a great supporter.

“But what I put away for Lent is kind of private because it’s private for everybody.

“I’ve been doing various things for years but I don’t want to give away too many of them.”

The Wee Box, Big Change campaign by the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund encourages supporters to save what they would have spent on treats during lent and then donate it to the charity, which helped 430,000 people in 16 of the poorest countries last year.

Susan says it is just as well she is giving chocolate a miss this month as she is performing at the Scottish Variety Awards event on 19 March.

She said: “That’s because it will interfere with my voice, so that’s probably a good thing I’m giving it up.”