Charity kennels full to the Max

Max the Border Collie is the oldest of the trio, aged 6

A SCOTS animal shelter in at Max-imum capacity after being swamped with so many dogs that five of its residents bear the popular name.

While the Dogs Trust in Glasgow is used to having two animals with the same name, organisers say to have five is unprecedented.

And across the all of the charity’s UK centres there are just 14 canines called Max.

The name is the most popular for both cats and dogs in theUK.

Sandra Lawton, Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre Manager, said: “It’s not unusual to have two dogs at the centre with the same name, but five is unheard of in the five and a half years since the centre opened. There are only 14 Maxes in total currently at the 17 Dogs Trust rehoming centres across the UK.

“Max is a popular name for dogs as people like to give their pets human names as they consider them to be very much part of the family. We would really like to Max-imise coverage for these great dogs so we can find them lovely new homes as soon as possible.”

Two of the five Maxes have already been rehomed but the charity is still looking for homes for the remaining three, two collies and a Labrador.

Max the Labrador, 5, and Max the Smooth Collie, 1, are both looking for new homes