SuBo: “I’m too old for love”

SuBo says she's going to spend Valentines day alone

SUSAN Boyle has claimed she is now too old to find love on Valentine’s Day.

The 51-year-old superstar said she would spend the day by herself at her former council home in Blackburn, West Lothian.

Susan suggested last year that she was keen to find someone to share her life with.

But the singer has revealed she continues to be unlucky in love.

“I have no plans for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “I’ll probably stay at home this year and enjoy my time off.”

Posing with a pair of giant lips given to her by a fan, she added: “I’m a woman of over 50 – I can’t be seen to be celebrating such things.”

And when asked if she would ever consider plastic surgery to give herself a boost in the romance department, Susan screeched: “No way, I’ve always been frightened by needles. I’ve hated them my whole life.”

Theatrically sweeping her fingers over her forehead and cheekbones, Susan insisted: “I’ll never have Botox, I couldn’t put a needle anywhere near my face.”

Susan, speaking last year about the lack of a special someone in her life, said: “We all like the idea of sharing our lives with someone who is going to protect and look after us. I’m on my own quite a lot and that special person hasn’t come along yet.

“I’ve had a few offers in the post and, let me tell you, some of them are beauties. They say: ‘I’ve seen your YouTube video and I think I like you. I live on my own and I need somebody, too.”


  1. Susan, don’t ever change. You are lovely just the way you are and any man with any sense will feel that way. The right man can come along at any time and at any age. Think of all the women who got the wrong man! That is far worse than being alone. best wishes

  2. I know you are a cat person, but I really wish you would get yourself a nice dog of your choice. A dog is more companion, more reliable, more loving and less demanding than any man in the world-no matter how wonderful he might be.The dog will always love you, no matter the mood or day, and will usually let you be in charge of decisions and activities. Dogs are the best thing God has given to the human race, and they are all beautiful. They want to make you happy all the time.

  3. Susan, if you are meant to be with someone it will happen. I wish you all the happiness in the world because you have brought so much into mine….Because of you I have been learning how to use the computer and have friends all over the world.

    I love your voice/singing…..and would just LOVE to sit down with you over a cuppa and have a bloody good laugh. You have a super sense of humour….Good luck in all you do..

  4. Susan, you don’t need to men to make you happy. Many people don’t and they are just as happy if not happier than some married women. Susan, I just noticed that you didn’t wear bra.

  5. Susan, you are beautiful just the way you are. If I were younger I’d love to be your Valentine, dear Lady.

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