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EntertainmentHecklers have a go at Kevin Bridges

Hecklers have a go at Kevin Bridges

COMEDIAN Kevin Bridges could receive an official apology from a Scottish town after a heckling thug ruined his show.

Two shaven-head members of the audience at a show in Arbroath, Angus, hurled insults at the funnyman and threatened to take him “outside and kick his head in”.

Bridges was so rattled by the abuse he was unable to get his show on track and apologised to the 600-strong audience, some of whom had paid £120 for a pair of tickets.

Now a councillor for the town has called on the local authority to give Bridges a personal apology for the abuse he suffered.


The comedian – famed for jokes about his tough upbringing in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire – told Tuesday’s audience at the Webster Memorial Theatre: “That goes beyond heckling.”

The comic received heckles about his weight, with one calling him a “fat b*****”.

The abuse came from two audience members who were likened to Phil and Grant Mitchell from EastEnders.

Bridges had jokingly called one of them “baldy”.

The hecklers were shouted down by the comedian’s fans as one threatened to take Bridges outside and “kick his head in.”




As they were removed by theatre staff, Bridges branded one of them a “knuckle dragger”.

He told the audience: “I’m only here to tell jokes and have a bit of fun- there’s no need for that.”

Arbroath councillor David Fairwather, who was in the audience, said: “I’ll be contacting the director of neighbourhood services to ask him to apologise personally to Kevin on behalf of Angus Council.”

“That goes beyond heckling.”

Councillor Fairweather said: “It was absolutely scandalous and no doubt drink played a part.

“Kevin Bridges is a young man who is now internationally known, and for him to come to a town like Arbroath was fantastic, but I have my doubts if he will come back.”




A spokeswoman for Angus Council would not be drawn on whether they would offer a personal apology.

She said: “ During a performance by Kevin Bridges on Tuesday evening at the Webster Theatre,  two members of the audience used unacceptable and threatening language towards the comedian.

“The situation was monitored by front of house and backstage management who took the decision at an early stage to ask the two men to leave the premises, which they did, accompanied by the other two people in their group.

“We are very disappointed that two people caused this disturbance, which temporarily spoiled the evening’s enjoyment for the rest of the audience.

“Kevin Bridges played at the Webster Theatre for two sold- out performances and was very well received by those who attended.”

Tweeting about the incident this afternoon, the comedian wrote: “Two guys started shouting out whilst I was talking to a girl in the crowd at the start of the show. I done a few jokes about it.

“And they started shouting “outside and we’ll kick your c*** in, fat c*** etc. They didn’t get chucked out and the show continued.



“I’ve done all my s**** gigs, if I wanted to stand arguing with two meat heads I’d go to a Wetherspoons. Anyway, thanks to the rest of you.

“By the way, nothing against Arbroath! Thanks for coming out, I should have walked off until they guys were gone but f*** it, done now.”

Fellow Scottish comedian Billy Connolly left the stage during two shows earlier this year after receiving heckles from the crowd.

Fans felt let down following the the shows in Blackpool and Scarborough.

He has since said he misheard the fan at one of the events, and thought “Have a happy Burns night!” was an insult.


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