Tuesday, May 17, 2022
EntertainmentLimmy hits out at grammar snobs on Twitter

Limmy hits out at grammar snobs on Twitter

SCOTS TV comic Limmy has hit out at grammar snobs who pulled him up for tweeting in his Glaswegian dialect.

Brian Limond, the star of BBC Scotland’s Limmy’s Show, also blocked several tweeters for attacking his poor punctuation.

The controversial comedian, who tweets as @daftlimmy blocked followers who commented on his misspelling of ‘you’re’ as ‘your’ – despite the fact he was reposting a tweet by Soft Cell’s Marc Almond.

Limmy defended his Glaswegian accent.

Tweeting to his 41,832 followers today, the 37-year-old wrote: “I blocked they people for trying to correct my grammar, even though I was quoting Almond and that’s part of the joke.”

When a number of followers attacked his use of “they” instead of the grammatically correct “those”, Limmy fought back.

He posted: “I speak in a raw, Glaswegian dialect and say “they”. I’m real.”

When one user asked Limmy if he was going to “amend the grammar”, the prolific tweeter wrote: “Naw. I’ll do it like Almond.”

Earlier this year, dyslexic  Dragons Den star Duncan Bannatyne has hit out at “bullies” who pulled him up over his spelling on Twitter.

The self-made multimillionaire, who left school with no qualifications, hit out at his own followers, who he accused of bullying him over his dyslexia.

One tweeted: “Spelling and grammar: the difference between knowing your s*** and knowing you’re s***!”

Bannatyne hit back: “Spelling bullies who think they are superior because they were educated are silly people.”

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