Vile internet trolls sink Hearts song sung by youngsters


HEARTS bosses have taken offline a recording by young fans of the club anthem after it was targeted by foul-mouthed net trolls.

Five members of the Big Hearts Music Project, aged between 11 and 15, recorded the classic Hearts Song.

But the recording attracted a torrent of vile comments online.

The youngsters’ recording of the song will be played at the League Cup fixture against St Mirren on Sunday.

A statement from the club said: “If it’s not to your taste then fine, but there’s no need to comment on it with foul language and completely slag off something that was done by kids, who are the future lifeblood of this club.

“We’re shocked and appalled at the reaction to something that children, and others, gave up their time to do in order to help the club meet its obligations for Sunday’s Final.”

Supporter Lee Purves posted online: “If knocking the efforts of kids floats your boat then I genuinely feel sorry for you.”

The song was recorded at Tynecastle’s music suite, where they attend weekly lessons for just £3 each.