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Facing the sack: Postie has first class “nap” in work van parked on double yellows

A POSTIE has been snapped snoozing in his van while parked on double yellows – and using a mail sack for a pillow.

The picture, which was uploaded to the website Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers, will embarrass Royal Mail, which was controversially privatised just four months ago.

The website accused the firm’s workers – who are allowed to park on double yellows – of taking advantage.

The picture was taken in the city’s busy Melville Street at 3.30pm on Tuesday and captioned: “Is it OK to park on double yellows in a Royal Mail van to have a nap?”

A passer-by spotted this apparently comatose postie in his van in Edinburgh’s Melville Street


A spokesman for the site said: “Royal Mail are lucky to have relaxed rules when it comes to parking restrictions and this seems to be taking advantage.”

“I know Royal Mail are allowed to stop on double yellow lines to deliver/collect post etc. But not to have a nap.

“To be honest no-one would probably have noticed if he didn’t use his passenger door as a footrest and mail bag for pillow.

“A few people have commented that this is why my post is always crumpled and it makes you wonder.”

Many followers of the site expressed anger at the image.

Keith Pirrie described the driver as an “idiot” and said he had put his own job at risk.

He added: “I am sure there are plenty of others out there that would gladly take his job and make more of an effort.”

Martha Munro wrote: “Nothing like being caught red-handed.”


And John Anderson said the image was hard to explain away. “Postbox says next collection 6.30 – pic taken at 3.30. Explain that,” he wrote.

But the majority of posters backed the postie, including a representative of the Communication Workers Union, Tony Westgarth.

He wrote: “They are hard-working people who done this for many years.

“I know the individual here. Working shifts, as many postal workers do, or overtime shifts to have a better family, having a quick 10 mins is hardly taking the mickey is it?”

He asked: “Have you seen the quality of service Royal Mail delivers? Over 99% of items posted. Remarkable service by dedicated and loyal workforce.”

Stevie Wilson wrote: “The guy isn’t skiving as some have said. He will be waiting to collect from the pillar box, which can only be emptied at specific times.

“Poor lad is on a hiding to nothing. If he empties it early or he empties it late, the snoops will still moan.”

And Stuart Lowe stormed: “Hope the busybody picture-taker realises he’s getting another working guy into bother. Or was it too good an opportunity to be a sanctimonious p**** about it?”

In 2012-2013, 185,000 parking fines were handed out to Edinburgh’s residents and visitors, forcing them to pay up £11.1m.


Royal Mail was privatised by the UK Government almost four months ago.

Some 600,000 shares went on sale at £3.30 each, raising more than £3bn for the government’s coffers.

But the price of the shares soared to £5.50 within a week, leading to accusations the sale had been “shambolic” and a “firesale”.

The Royal Mail confirmed they had started an investigation.

A spokeswoman said: “Royal Mail is investigating this matter.

“The expected normal stopping time for collecting from postboxes is under five minutes.

“The driver in question was not collecting from postboxes in the area at the time despite being parked near to one.

“He was on other collecting duties and was on a break at the time.”

The Royal Mail’s guidelines on double yellow lines state: “You can only stop to load or unload and not for any other purpose. It is your responsibility to prove that you are acting within the rules and are entitled to stop.”

An insider said their rules did not allow for employees to snooze in vans even if they were on a legitimate break.

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