Greg Hemphill gives curling the cold shoulder


SCOTS funnyman Greg Hemphill has taken a swipe at the winter olympics sport of curling.

The Still Game star revealed that he switched on the games for the first time, saw curling was on, and immediately switched his TV off.

Hemphill: switched the curling “aff


Scotland went wild 12 years ago when Rhona Martin, now a Team GB curling coach, helped her band of Scottish housewives to win gold in Salt Lake City, Utah.

But that cut little ice with Hemphill or his followers.

The comic tweeted: “Turned it on to the Winter Olympics for the first time since it began. Curling. AFF.”

Lynsey Saunders tweeted: “Tell me about it. #yawn”

Alasdair Cook said : ”But it’s Chess On Ice”
The subtleties and excitement of curling appear to be lost on Hemphill. Pic: Andrew Mitchell/


Iain Davidson joked that Hemphill’s tweet called into question his commitment to independence.

He asked: “Scotland’s sport? Played by the legend Big Rhona? Are you sure you’re voting yes?”

In 2002, housewife and mother-of-two Rhona Martin became an Olympic legend, delivering the nation’s first gold medal at a Winter Games for 18 years.

Six million people in Britain stayed up past midnight to see Martin win glory with the very last shot of a nerve-tingling final against Switzerland.

This year’s Olympic curling hopes are being led by another sporting Scot, 23-year-old Eve Muirhead from Stirling.

Muirhead won the 2013 World Women’s Curling Championship, skipping the Scottish team and is also a four-time world junior champion, having won in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.