Meet Stanley – the Superdog who can ‘fly’


A Jack Russell has been branded Superdog after pictures of him “flying” along a Scottish beach became an internet hit.

Stanley, five, appears to be zooming through the air as he races across Dunnet Beach in the far north of Scotland.

Proud owner Steve Arkley, from Forres, Morayshire, captured the images on a recent trip to the Caithness beauty spot.

Stanley ‘mid-flight’


With his legs stretched out straight, Stanley appears for all the world like a canine Superman.

Steve, 59, said the pictures “sum up his character perfectly”.

Stanley's pose has been likened to Superman
His pose has been likened to Superman


He said: “Stanley absolutely loves life. He’s very active, extremely loyal and loves being around people. He’s a very happy dog.

“I didn’t even realise that he ran like this until I took pictures of him.”

Owner Steve says the pictures "sum him up perfectly"
Owner Steve says the pictures “sum him up perfectly”


One picture, uploaded to social media, received 1,700 “likes” in 15 hours.


Steve said: “I was completely knocked out by the reaction. It was completely unexpected.”

John Bruce Ferguson commented on Steve’s page: “Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Jack Russell.”

The pictures have received thousands of 'likes'
The pictures have received thousands of ‘likes’


Anne McKenzie Kivari said: “That dog’s not running…he’s flying!”

Others have said that the dog “just needs a cape” and that the pictures are “pure magic”.

Stanley as a puppy
Stanley as a puppy


Steve commented: “I had better get him a bone…I cannot believe the reaction.”

He added that Stanley also loves to disappear down fox holes and enjoys play fighting with his Border Terrier sister Evie.