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NewsFoul mouthed teacher's tirade to pupils

Foul mouthed teacher’s tirade to pupils

A TEACHER faces being struck off for allegedly telling a pupil: “I s*****d your mum.”

Michael Rankin is also accused of telling the pupil: “Every time I s*** your mum she makes me a sandwich, that’s why I’m fat.”

The 54-year-old technology teacher faces numerous allegations that he made outrageous remarks to youngsters.

Mr Rankin, who taught at Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire, is said to have told another pupil: “I need to put my glasses on, I can’t see because of too much w****** – is that why you wear glasses? Is that what happened to you?”


Michael Rankin, the foul mouthed teacher who has a fitness to teach hearing next week


Other claims include referring to a youngster as “Shrek” and asking another “how many pies you had today?”.

Mr Rankin is due to appear at a disciplinary hearing before the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) next week.

At an earlier hearing, a lawyer for the Mr Rankin said he did not accept all of the allegations against him but did not intend to contest them.

According to the charges, which relate to the period August 2012 to June 2013, Mr Rankin and a class watched the movie Bend it like Beckham in which a car is shown bouncing up and down.

The teacher is said to have told a pupil: “That’s me and your mum in the back.”

The same pupil accused him of saying: “You can give this present of a mirror to you mum but I already gave her a present last night.”


Ardrossan Academy in Ardrossan on Scotland’s West coast, where Michael Rankin’s alleged outbursts took place.

He allegedly shouted insults at various pupils – as young as 13 – including “You wee b******”, “Shut up you wee a*******” and “You’re f****** worthless”.

He is accused of referring to pupils from another school as “idiots” and “Cumnock mongos” during a football match against Cumnock Academy and telling pupils not to tell anyone because the team would be disbanded and that they “would not be believed”.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesman said: “This person is a former employee whose employment was terminated in October 2013.

“As the individual is no longer an employee of the council it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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