Monday, June 27, 2022
In BriefYoung drivers' lives could be saved by small box

Young drivers’ lives could be saved by small box

HUNDREDS of young drivers’ lives could be saved by a small box the size of a smartphone, according to a car insurance provider.

Marmalade, which provides insurance for young drivers, is urging the government to embrace their telematics system in a bid to make roads safer.

The device includes a GPS system which monitors driving, and provides feedback on a daily and monthly basis.

There has been a fourfold increase in fines for speeding in Edinburgh since Police Scotland opened for business
Marmalade is urging the government to embrace their telematics system 


It records driving data and contacts the driver to support them through any issues. The system also offers e-learning facilities and one to one advice to help them avoid making the same mistakes.

The RAC results published this week show that one in five young drivers are involved in an accident within the first six months of driving.

The figure drops to one in 17 of youngsters who use telematics-based insurance.

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, said: “We absolutely agree with the RAC that the key issue for young drivers is lack of experience – they move from driving with an instructor and examiner to suddenly being on their own in a car.

“This gives them freedom which we’re all for, which is why we don’t impose curfews, but it is really important to ensure that while they are building up that all important experience, they have some guidance and help.

“This is about the safety of our children and young people across the country so is an important issue for the new Government. However, we have been waiting for the Government to do something for a very long time.

“In fact, this inaction was the reason that we first started offering young drivers telematics-based insurance. We have now proved that telematics works to improve the safety of young drivers and we want to see the Government embracing this technology.

“However, anything that is introduced to help improve the safety of our young drivers can only be a good thing and will be warmly welcomed by us.”

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