“UFO” spotted in skies above Britain


RESIDENTS have been left baffled after a “UFO” was spotted in the skies over the UK.

A Youtube user uploaded an incredible video showing a dense black ring of smoke hovering over a village.

The clip is thought to have been taken near the town of Cotgrave in Nottinghamshire last night.

The "UFO" over Nottinghamshire
The “UFO” over Nottinghamshire


The gigantic black ring can be seen in the sky, with one onlooker exclaiming: “That is so strange!”

Others ask “What is it?” as it hovers in the fading evening light.

Another viewer says: “It’s coming towards us now.”

While one asks: “Are we being attacked by aliens?”

Some users have agreed that the ring is final conclusive evidence of aliens visiting earth.

But more down to earth viewers have suggested it is a by-product of a fierce fire which ripped through the nearby Hollygate Lane Industrial Park.


And those captured in the video seem to support the theory, pointing to an explosion in the distance.

An exploded gas cylinder is thought to have been the cause of the unusually shaped phenomenon.

But some commenters held on to more fantastic explanations of the event.

One boldly said: “That is a demonic portal. Did any dragons pass by?”

One irreverent user claimed it to be “God’s a**hole.”

The top commenter added: “Too bad you didn’t have a drone. I’m pretty sure you would get points for flying through it.”