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EntertainmentEwan McGregor travels 2,500 miles to take architecture selfie

Ewan McGregor travels 2,500 miles to take architecture selfie

EWAN MCGREGOR has made a 2,500 mile pilgrimage to one of the most famous sites in the world of architecture.

The famed Scots actor snapped a selfie at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Falling Water” house on Sunday night.

He posted a pic of the visit on Twitter and Instagram – featuring his face nearly eclipsing the world-famous architectural landmark in the background.

His caption read: “I visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater today. So beautiful.”

The house – often voted America’s most iconic work of architecture – lies deep in the Pennsylvania wilderness, over 2,500 miles from McGregor’s LA home.

McGregor is known to be a fan of architecture and design – having narrated an Open University short film series on the subject.

McGregor tweeted the pic to his fans on Sunday
McGregor tweeted the pic to his fans on Sunday


But members of his 832,000-strong Twitter following were torn over whether McGregor or the house was the greater beauty.

One user, Ghazala Khan, said: “Oh my god, your face! I’m sure the background is great too but I only see you!”

Another gushed “You get better with age!” – probably in reference to 44 year-old McGregor rather the 76-year-old house.

But another more high-minded Twitter commenter shared McGregor’s own view of the house, saying: “That is the building that made me fall in love with architecture. Love it.”

McGregor – made famous by the iconic Scottish film Trainspotting – has just finished promoting his new film “Last Days in the Desert” in which he plays both Jesus and Satan.

He is now rumoured to be scouting locations and actors for a new film adaptation of the novel “American Pastoral” – which will be his directorial debut.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water was named as the “Best all-time work of American architecture” by the American Institute of Architects in 2001 and 2007.

The famous house – built between 1936-1939 – sits over a waterfall in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, and is often praised for its innovative use of open space and Japanese design.

The building – renovated at a cost of $11.5m in 2001 – was originally built as a weekend home for a wealthy local family, but is now open as a museum to the public.

Wright – who died in 1959 – is known as one of America’s most famous architects and designed over 532 buildings, including university campuses and synagogues.

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