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EntertainmentChris Hoy posts Callum's first birthday pics

Chris Hoy posts Callum’s first birthday pics

CHAMPION cyclist Sir Chris Hoy has celebrated his son’s first birthday – by sharing adorable pics of the big day.

On Thursday night the Scots-born gold medallist took to Twitter, posting a picture of his son Callum on his first birthday.

The family snap shows Callum wearing a birthday crown, riding a new push-toy in the shape of a mouse.

Hoy captioned the tweet: “1st Birthday party done and dusted!”

Callum Hoy on his first birthday
Callum Hoy on his first birthday


Callum Hoy was born 11 weeks premature this time last year, when Sarra Hoy went into labour after just 29 weeks of pregnancy.

But a one year-old Callum appears to be fit and healthy – following in the footsteps of his father, having hopped on a pint-sized push-toy.

Hoy made the tweet to his 637,000 followers at 10pm on Thursday night, and Twitter exploded with reaction as Hoy’s fans fawned over the picture of his son.

Lorna Gordon responded, saying: “What an absolutely beautiful wee boy! Congratulations.”

Jackie Morton also tweeted: “So cute! You must be very proud of your wee fighter!”

Another user added, “Wow, where’s the year gone:?”, to which Hoy replied, “Scary isn’t it!?”

Other fans of the six-time gold medal champion also weighed in, with one saying, “Looking just like you at that age”, to which Hoy joked in response, “poor kid!”

And Hoy’s celebrity followers were also keen to wish Callum a happy birthday.

Scots racing driver Marino Franchitti said: “Mega! Look at the size of him! Happy birthday wee man.”

Hoy joked in response: “Cheers, he’s growing like a weed.”

Hoy recently retired from cycling to pursue a career in motosports.

In September Sarra Hoy posted a picture of their son watching Chris win the Le Mans Series on TV.

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