JK Rowling says Trump worse than Voldemort


JK ROWLING has claimed that Donald Trump is worse than the most evil character in her Harry Potter series – Lord Voldemort.


Trump – worse than Voldemort. (Archice pic)


The award-winning author took to social media to express her horror that the American businessman had been likened to the fictional villain.

On Monday, Trump advocated for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the US – prompting hundreds of angry followers to compare him to “he who must not be named”.

But Rowling also decided to wade in on the argument, writing: “How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”

Many fans agreed that Voldemort, who calls on his followers to exterminate wizards and witches who have non-magical blood, was of a higher moral standing.

Justin Dennis said: “I love it. Rowling is like ‘how dare you compare that asshole to Voldemort’.”

One wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve ever read.”

William Hussey joked: “Voldemort was also comfortable enough in his own evil skin not to wear a wig.”




One person even suggested that Trump should be sent to Azkaban – the fictional top-security wizarding jail.

And other Scots celebrities were also quick to cast shame on Trump.

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos compared Trump to Hitler, saying: “I wonder what Donald Trump (hairpiece be upon him) will reveal next in his final solution.”

Glasgow comedian Limmy added “Donald Trump, you remind me of my father, before he passed away. He would have given you his vote”, tweeting a picture of Hitler.

In a campaign statement, Trump said a “complete” shutdown should remain until the US authorities “can figure out what the hell is going on” and if Muslims pose a threat.

He later repeated the comments at a rally in South Carolina, where supporters cheered him loudly.