Sunday, July 3, 2022
EntertainmentDotty the Jack Russell goes snowboarding

Dotty the Jack Russell goes snowboarding

A NINE-YEAR-OLD Jack Russell has proved old dogs can be taught new tricks – by “snowboarding”.

A hilarious video shows Dotty shredding the slopes of North Ayrshire following recent snowfall.

A GoPro attached to the board shows the persistent pooch standing steady on a sledge and speeding down a hill near Symington.

At one point, Dotty, a mum of four – tumbles off the board and goes head over heels but immediately gets up and scampers after the board.

The film – “Snowboarding Dog” – was made by Dotty’s owner, James Raeburn.

He said: “I decided to take her out and try her on a sledge and for a first time you can see the results.

Dotty finds her feet
Dotty finds her feet

“She’s heading towards being 10-years-old and about two years ago had four puppies.”

The two-and-a-half minute clip begins with Dotty clambering onto a red plastic board, wearing a small dog’s coat to keep her warm.

The board begins to move as James pulls it down the hill, and for several feet his beloved pooch manages to hang on.

However, the board then tilts and Dotty looks startled as she goes flying off the end, landing in the soft snow before getting up again and racing after her owner.

Other clips show the pair sledging together, with Dotty perched on her owner’s back.

Dotty eventually gets the hang of snowboarding on her own, as the video then shows her riding solo on the board and managing to stay upright as it races down the hill.

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