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Dog owner shares snap of American Bulldog sitting in the midst of his wreckage

A DOG owner has posted a hilarious picture of his former pet sitting guiltily amongst the wreckage of the kitchen door.

Hugo the American Bulldog didn’t much enjoy being left alone when owner Craig Sloan went to a hospital appointment.

So the two-year-old managed completely to tear off one side of the door and make a pooch-sized escape hole.

dog demo snap 1
Hugo was snapped with his ears back in front of a dog shaped hole in the door.

Craig, from Pollok, Glasgow, returned to home to a scene of devastation – and decided it was time to part company with his pet.

His classic snap of the aftermath shows debris from the door strewn across the room and Hugo, ears pinned back, sitting with an “I’m-for-it” expression.

Craig posted the picture on his Facebook page, saying Huge was left on his own for less than an hour.

He wrote: “He’s not allowed in the hospital and goes everywhere with me. He must have missed me that much.”

DOG DOOR 5 edi
Hugo was only left in the house for under an hour but still manages to get through the door. Credit – Craig Sloan/Facebook

He added that, sadly, Hugo’s kitchen-destroying activities were the final straw and the dog had been given back to the man who sold him.

He wrote: “It’s not just because of that door.

“He’s done my couch twice. Tried my best with him but he was too wild. I’ve took him back to guy I got him off so he’s okay.”

Hugo edi 2
Craig and Hugo pictured just after he got him last year. Credit – Craig Sloan/Facebook

Although some criticised Craig, many other stood up for him.

Darren Bass wrote: “So many quick to assume neglect or that he was out for days on end.

“I had a collie half that size that could destroy that door, along with nine pairs of Nikes, a bookshelf and her own bed in two hours.”

And Pauline Smith said: “This behavior is NOT a sign of neglect.

“It can be stress from new surroundings i.e. a move by all the family into a new home, perhaps a new routine where owner changes working hours.

“Some dogs are just naturally destructive no matter how hard you work with them.”

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