Rowling “very excited” to see first cut of new Potter movie – 8 months before official release


JK ROWLING has revealed that she is about to see the very first cut of the new Harry Potter movie.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” will be the latest movie in the Harry Potter universe – starring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne.

The film is slated to hit screens across the world this November, and is expected to rack up huge profits as Potter fans surge to get their latest fix of the franchise.

But today Rowling revealed that she has the privilege of seeing the first cut of the movie – eight months before her fans.

In a Tweet this morning she replied to one such follower to make the announcement.

The fan messaged her, asking: “Are you excited for Fantastic Beats? I can’t wait ‘til November.”

Rowling promptly replied, saying: “I’m about to see a first cut of the movie. I’m VERY excited.”

Rowling will get to see the film well before everyone else
Rowling will get to see the film well before everyone else

Her revelation sparked a huge reaction from her 7m strong Twitter following.

Many of them took to their own accounts to express their uncontainable excitement at the new film – as well as their frustration at having to wait a further eight months to view the finished product.

Zachary Borthwick tweeted: “I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I’m dying with excitement.”

Allie Keith added: “Oh so jealous. I can’t wait to see it. I wish you could tell us all about it.”

Others begged for the chance to see the film early.

One asked: “Will you bring me with you please? I promise to be quiet.”

Juliette Kenny added: “Can I come too?!”