Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Labour MSP in karaoke cringe

A SCOTTISH Labour MSP has been ridiculed for releasing a James Corden-style car pool karaoke video.

Ken Macintosh, 54, the Labour candidate for Eastwood, East Renfrewshire, belts out the D:Ream hit Things Can Only Get Better, which was the soundtrack to Tony Blair’s 1997 campaign in which Labour swept to power.

He also attempts Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ in the two-minute video before suggesting a Justin Bieber song, adding: “Don’t knock the Beliebers, there’s a lot of them out there.”

In the film, Mr Macintosh is accompanied by a fresh-faced teenager who eventually suggests Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison.

But while the friends and supporters of the MSP loved the video and described as possibly the best election film yet, others were not so kind.

Labour MSP Ken Macintosh in full flow during 'Carpool Karaoke'
Labour MSP Ken Macintosh in full flow during ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Kieran Andrews tweeted: “Great sentiment but I spent most of the video cringing.”

While user @DialMforMurdo said: “Poor Ken MacIntosh. Things could really get better, no honestly they could…”

Twitter user @NaomiMc said: “Woah. Scottish Election campaign’s gone rouge. Ken McIntosh is doing karaoke in his car.”

@fergusboden took a sarcastic approach with his comment, saying: “Are you sure this won’t be embarrassing Ken? Nah, trust me, Corden does it and look at how well he’s done”

But Macintosh supporter Marlena Beczek said: “This is excellent! It has made my day!”

Her sentiments were echoed by fellow user Paul Sweeney who said: “Haha this is tremendous. I think you’ve just won at campaign videos, Ken!”

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