Hilarious video shows cat in heaven as it gets vacuum-cleaned


A HILARIOUS video shows an ecstatic pet cat getting vacuumed cleaned.

While most moggies would run a mile, Yoda hoovers up the high-powered suction clean.

The five-year-old Ragdoll from Livingston, West Lothian, gets regular vacuum cleans to deal with his “barrow-loads” of loose fur.

The technique was hit up on by Yoda’s owner, John Banks, 50, who was amazed by how much his cat enjoyed it.

The minute-long video begins with Yoda, who has long, white fur, lounging on a sofa while John vacuums his back.


Yoda enjoying her vacuum clean
Yoda enjoying her vacuum clean


He then flips over and puts his paws in the air so that the machine can reach his belly, while gazing contentedly at the camera.

After half a minute of relaxation, Yoda begins to paw at and play fight with the vacuum nozzle as it sucks away any loose hair.

The machine is the £160 Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum cleaner, which is designed to remove animal hair from the floor.


Yoda gets regular vacuum cleans to deal with his "barrow-loads" of loose fur.
Yoda gets regular vacuum cleans to deal with his “barrow-loads” of loose fur.


John, who works as a drone operator, said: “This was the first time we’d tried to vacuum the cat and we were amazed to see that he actually liked it.

“Yoda’s fur sheds by the barrow-load. It seems like we’re forever picking up and vacuuming cat hair.

“If Yoda was our only pet then I think vac-grooming would be a great way of keeping fur off the couch but we also have two Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs and they hate it.”

He added: “I tried vacuuming the dogs, Charlie and Dexter – neither of them enjoy it but it’s Dexter who really hates it.

“The vacuum is marketed as a model idea for picking up pet hair, though I doubt they mean it’s to be used directly on the animal.

“I have vacuumed Yoda since making the video and he still really enjoys it. He is possibly the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet – so laid back and just wants to be cuddled all day.”

The Ragdoll is a semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat, and is one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

Their plush fur consists of long guard hairs which need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting.

They get their name from their tendency to go limp when picked up.