Shirley Manson brands Glasto all-female venue a “ghetto”


GARBAGE lead singer Shirley Manson has accused Glastonbury Festival of putting women in a “ghetto” by creating an all-female venue.

Earlier this week Glastonbury bosses announced that this year’s festival will feature a women-only venue called “The Sisterhood”.

The area has been billed as a “revolutionary clubhouse” open to “all people who identify as women”, with all-female performers and staff.

But Shirley Manson – the Edinburgh-born leader singer of rock band Garbage – has strongly condemned the move on social media.

Posting from the official band Twitter account on Tuesday night she said: “Why doesn’t Glastonbury invite more of us onto the stage with our male peers rather than shove us women into a ghetto type of situation?”

Following up the comments just minutes later, she added: “Music isn’t a gender based art and neither should it be – gender is dead.”

But Garbage are not playing Glastonbury this year – as one Twitter user was quick to point out.

Manson took a strong stand against the new venue
Manson took a strong stand against the new venue

Craig M asked: “Er… are you doing Glastonbury?”

Manson’s comments reflect the mixed reaction to the news of the all-female venue.

Taking to Twitter, one festival fan compared the venue to the recent decision by Muirfield to maintain their men-only status.

They wrote: “Totally defeats the purpose of equality. How can you complain about sexist golf clubs if you fuel the same ideas?”

Another added: “Glastonbury’s women only venue is perhaps the most brilliant bit of misguided thinking I’ve seen for awhile. Truly remarkable.”

In stronger comments, campaign group Fathers for Justice declared: “Glastonbury goes sexist.”

Another added: “This is utterly ridiculous, how can you even try to promote equality by means of segregation?”

But the venue was warmly welcomed by some.

Dave Stalker – who DJs for the festival radio station Worthy FM – said: “ I fully support what you’re doing. Have a great Glasto. Much respect.”

On their website the organisers of “The Sisterhood” say they “believe that women only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit mainly men.”

The venue will feature regular music performances, as well as power tool workshops and one event which is a forum for black women in the arts.